Credit Payment System

1.[Employer] Buy Credits 

  • Go to Your Profile → Tab Credits → Click on button
  • Choose a suitable pricing Credit order/plan. And pay by different payment methods.

2. [Employer] Post a project

  • Step 1: Select pricing plan. For example: I choose Premium package: $20 (20 credits) for 15 posts.
  • Step 2: Enter project details.
  • Step 3: Select payment method.
  • At this step, select Your balance to pay by credit.

The employer can check his credit balance in Your Profile → Credits20 credits were deducted for Premium package; thus, the available balance is now 280 credits.


3. [Employer] Accept a Order/bid

The total project fee – 121 credits (including commission fee) is transferred to Escrow system during the project. In employer’s credit account,

121 credits are moved from available balance to frozen balance.

When the project is marked as completed, Escrow would release 121 credits from employer’s frozen balanceto freelancer’s available balance (project cost) and admin account (commission fee).

4.[Employer] Withdraw money – PayPal and bank account supported

An employer can withdraw some credits from his account.

  • Update PayPal account or bank account in Your Profile → Credits.
  • Click on “Withdraw” button, enter the withdrawal amount and secure code, then submit to wait for admin approval. While the employer waits for admin approval, the withdraw amount appears in the Frozen balance.
  • After admin approves and manually sends the withdraw money to the employer via his PayPal or bank account, this amount is removed from frozen balance.

5. [Freelancer] Withdraw money

the freelancer would manage his credits used to order/bid project and credits received for a project in separate tabs (Account Details & Credits respectively).

For a freelancer, steps to withdraw credits are all the same as those for an employer.